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Pole Fitness FQA

What should I wear?

                  If you are taking pole class, we recommend exercise shorts. If you wear pants, you will still be able to participate, but several of the leg holds will be more difficult. Aside from that, stick with comfy clothes. If you are taking one of the upper level pole classes, form fitting shorts are appropriate. The exposed leg skin is necessary for traction when climbing and holding yourself on the pole. Form fitting tank tops, t-shirts, or sports bras work well for all classes.

What should I bring?

                     A bottle of water. We have them for sale at $1 each. A towel,and hair band, if needed. Dress layered. It's good to start with a warm body and peel off the layers. 

Big No-No's

No hand lotion, body lotion, creams, or oils- you will slip off of the pole.

No rings, bracelets, or watches (hand jewelry)

Wearing rings while pole dancing can bend the ring, pinch your finger, and will definitely put scratches and gauges in the poles!

No food or drinks on the dance studio floors.

No refunds     



"I love Pole because it is your on personal journey, and every women brings their own special abilities, I am here to guide you through your journey". Clara

 Clara is co-owner of inShape Ladies Fitness and certified in Pole Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Group Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Youth Fitness and Bokwa. Bringing the joy of Dance and Fitness together enables Clara to help women find their inner beauty and strength she knows they have within. Clara teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in pole and aerial also the cardio classes in the evening program.