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Line Dance-

A beginner level aerobic exercise class that works your mind and body. Learn a new line dance each class and get your heart rate pumping.

Tone & Sculpt-

This class uses light hand weights and multiple repetitions to build long, lean muscles. Tackle your problem areas and target your soft spots.

Walk Fit-

You choose high, medium or low aerobic impact during this high energy class, which incorporates a variety of walk/dance steps. Great for beginners.

U Pick 10-

Class participants pick 10 minutes of their favorite class-resistance bands, kick boxing, standing abs, tia chi, balance exercises, etc. It's a fun, fast-paced class that hits multiple muscle groups.


This class will get your heart rate up. It's a cross between high impact Zumba and Zumba Gold. Latin and oldies music make this class a member favorite.


A very gentle practice that focuses on relaxation and restorative poses while still increasing strength and flexibility. You will calm and refreshed after this class.