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Time: Monday, Apr 6, 2020 5:00 PM 
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Every Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 pm

Walk Fit /Cardio
Every  Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm 

Pole Class without Pole (no pole needed)
Every  Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 pm 

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If you are interested in our gym have a look around at our classes.

Once you have decided to attend make sure to schedule your class by clicking the tab on the top of the page.

If for any reason you cannot attend please cancel your class, as your class will be marked a 

"No Show" and we would rather you enjoy the class.

Please, arrive early so you can be ready. There is no guarantee of your spot if you are late.

Class List:

Aerial Yoga


Pole Beginner

Pole Level 2

Pole Level 3/4


Belly Dance Cardio 

(Shimmy Chic)

Line Dance


(9 Rounds)


(Walk Fit)


Body Positive Gym

We celebrate what our members can DO over and above what they look like. Fitness does not have a look, we are all individuals and should love ourselves and respect each other.

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  • " A great evening.. I slept VERY well afterwards - fun challenging and relaxing! Thank you Clara!"
  • " Loved the aerials - have practiced yoga for several years and this was such a fun way to explore the asanas. Clara was very sweet and fun. I will definitely come back for more..."
    Brigid Murphy

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